Estate Planning

While the nature of estate planning services may be intimidating or uncomfortable, preparing the heirs to your estate will help your loved ones heal in your absence. If left unprepared, your heirs could face costly federal and state estate tax liabilities and could require a probate attorney to settle your estate.

Preparing for your passing may seem macabre, but doing so will help your loved ones focus on carrying out your memory rather than navigating the murky waters of settling your affairs. Berkshire Money Management can help you estate plan as apart of our wealth management services.

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Estate Planning Services in Dalton

Roughly 64% of Americans die without a will. Many people either never get around to it, do not feel it’s an urgent need, or simply do not want to have the difficult conversations associated with their eventual death. Neglecting to set up your will prior to passing will leave you as “intestate,” meaning your assets have not been designated or protected and may be subject to probate—a costly consequence for your surviving family members.

Good estate planning is not just about ensuring your assets enter the hands of the right people after you die. It should also include some or all of the following:

  • Care instructions in the event of pre-death disablement
  • An advanced directive should be apart of your estate plan
  • Guardian/inheritance manager designation for minors
  • Care for special needs family members
  • Special instructions for financially unstable heirs for safe money management
  • Insurance for life, disability income, and long-term care
  • Transfer of business at retirement, disability, or death
  • Reduce tax penalties, court costs, and legal fees for estate settlement
  • Ongoing relationship with your estate planning advisor with continuing updates and reviews of the designed will

Berkshire Money Management takes the time to understand your unique needs and helps you prepare your estate based on your instructions. Contact your Berkshire County financial advisor today to get started.

Estate Planning Document Preparation

A lot of paperwork goes into establishing a trust for your surviving loved ones. You want to be sure that every aspect of your estate is protected and ends up in the hands of the right people. Doing so means you will need to complete at least the basic estate planning documents, including the following:

  • Will or living will
  • Power of attorney
    • Durable
    • Health care
  • Revocable living trust
  • Medical directives
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Irrevocable life insurance trust

We can help you through the estate planning process to get everything in order as it should be. Get started on your estate planning with Berkshire Money Management today.

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Whether you are years into retirement or enjoying the prime of your life, planning ahead for your loved one’s future with estate planning services will give you ultimate peace of mind. Berkshire Money Management proudly offers financial planning in Berkshire County and its surrounding areas:

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  • Great Barrington
  • Lenox
  • Pittsfield
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  • Neighboring Hudson Valley
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