Estate Planning

Most people understand they should get tax advice and align legal structures to prepare assets for their heirs. We go a step beyond and begin preparing your heirs for your assets.

Prepare Your Heirs.

Many families hire legal counsel to prepare the relevant documents, and leave it at that. Often, this isn’t enough, and what remains is a major communication gap. It has not been uncommon for families who “believed” they were well-prepared to find that they were not. It isn’t always the documents. And it isn’t always financial; often times there are emotional connections that become more important than a monetarily equitable distribution of assets.

Preparing heirs is a function of the estate planning process. No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and wants to control how it is given to the people and organizations they care most about. To ensure that your wishes and legacy are carried out, you need to provide specific instructions stating whom you want to receive what, and when in detail. This ensures that the least amount is paid in taxes, legal fees, and court costs, and also helps to avoid family interpretations of what is equitable, and intended. We are here and experienced in helping you connect your intentions with your other preparations as well as answering the questions that haven’t even occurred to you yet.