Estate Planning

Most people understand that they should get tax advice and an estate planning attorney to prepare assets for their heirs. We go a step beyond and begin preparing your heirs for your assets.

Prepare Your Heirs.

Many families hire an estate planning attorney to establish power of attorney and prepare legal documents–a will, beneficiary and guardianship designations, a letter of intent, medical directives. But this isn’t always enough, and what remains is a major communication gap. Families who believe that they are well-prepared discover that they’re not. It isn’t always about the documents. And it isn’t always financial. There are emotional connections that become more important than a monetarily equitable distribution of assets.

Preparing heirs is a function of the estate planning process. No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and wants to know that it will be passed on to the people and organizations they care about most. It’s your legacy. And it matters.