What We Do

In a way, it’s the perfect system—because protecting and making the most of your assets works in our best interest, too.

Our Success Is Mutual.

Berkshire Money Management is a full-service financial management firm. Put simply, we are hired by investors like you to help you make more money with your investments than you might otherwise make on your own or with another advisor. However, our financial knowledge and expertise are also available to clients on an advisory nature covering broader financial subjects.

As a professional investment team, we monitor and manage investment portfolios for individuals. The accounts remain in your name and you maintain control as well as access rights to the accounts. Berkshire Money Management simply has authorization to manage it for you. As a fee-only advisor, we only charge a fee for our services based upon assets under management and billed quarterly. We earn more as your portfolio grows, therefore, we succeed when you do.

We are committed to your success. We are devoted to your prosperity. We are Berkshire Money Management and each one of us is here for you, personally. Find out how we think and where our experience is leading us in our Research & Advice section.