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At Berkshire Money Management, our experienced advisors actively monitor your investment portfolio. We aim to protect your assets and effectively manage your portfolio so that you can realize your financial goals. We also provide financial and retirement planning (including rollovers), financial solutions for college, estate planning, business valuation and other important financial services. Come visit our historic offices in the Berkshires and chat with one of our advisors–and say “Hi” to our pups!

The Extra Mile

Scott C. Little, Vice President, Berkshire Money Management

Scott C. Little, Vice President

Last Thanksgiving, a client emailed me, asking to transfer funds to another account of hers—electronically. But we can’t do that by email. So, I let her know I’d need to call her.

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor, Berkshire Money Management

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor

A client told me he had recently changed jobs and asked if I would roll over his 401(k)—into an existing Roth account. I asked if he knew whether his original 401(k) had been a traditional, or a Roth. Was he sure?

Bill Schmick, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Berkshire Money Management

Bill Schmick, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

A family client of mine, led by an 82-year old widow and grandmother, gave me an opportunity to really reach out beyond just business. Over time, I grew to know the family and this lady rather well, and had come to appreciate our conversations.


Insights & Advice

Attention retirees!–Required Minimum Distributions may change

It has been more than a year since President Trump admonished the government to strengthen retirement security in America. This week, in response, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released a proposal to comply with that executive order.  Its suggestions were decidedly underwhelming. Truth be told, financial planners and tax accountants have been speculating for years that, at some point, the IRS was going to have to recognize certain facts of life concerning retirement. One of which is that Americans are living longer. Why should that matter so much to you, the retiree? Because everyone that has a tax-deferred savings account…


Smarter than the average bear

Dalton — Many of us think that we’re somehow smarter than the next person. For example, typically 90% of respondents surveyed respond that they are better than the average driver, and that they are also better than average at getting along with people. It’s statistically impossible for 90% of people to be better than average. Overconfidence can be a healthy attribute. It makes us feel good about ourselves, which creates a positive framework. However, overconfidence in our investment skills can get us into trouble. For example, in one study, 74% of mutual fund investors expected their investments to consistently outperform the…


Phase One deal keeps markets bullish

It was all about the trade deal this week. Both sides seem to want a resolution to the crippling tariffs that have sent the world’s economies to the brink of recession. The relief that investors feel is reflected in the new highs we are enjoying at the moment. I say “at the moment” because anything can change with a Tweet. However, given the mounting problems of the Trump presidency, I believe he needs something positive (and fairly soon) to divert the nation’s attention away from the impeachment hearings next week. Trump appears willing to drop, or at least roll back,…


Current News: November 15, 2019 Record highs again and again

It has been one of those weeks where just about every day the stock market opened lower. But by the end of the day, one or more of the three main averages would rebound and close higher, usually close to, or at a minor new high. I expect it should continue. And as stocks grind higher, more and more equity players are calling for a minor 2-3% pullback. Is that something that we should even care about? My answer would be no. We are in a news-driven market. Most investors only seem to care about the latest news on a...

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