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The Extra Mile

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor

A client told me he had recently changed jobs and asked if I would roll over his 401(k)—into an existing Roth account. I asked if he knew whether his original 401(k) had been a traditional, or a Roth. Was he sure?


Peter Coughlin, Executive Director

Two of our clients, a husband and wife on the West Coast, are successful entrepreneurs raising three beautiful children. Their oldest child is a freshman in high school and an elite athlete, traveling the United States and Canada playing hockey.


Scott C. Little, Vice President

Last Thanksgiving, a client emailed me, asking to transfer funds to another account of hers—electronically. But we can’t do that by email. So, I let her know I’d need to call her.


Insights & Advice

Chlorine, cars and the supply chain challenge

Supply chain shortages are showing up across the nation. Some items, such as chlorine for America’s pools and used cars, just illustrate a lesson we need to learn. The chlorine shortages illustrate why supply chains are so important and how fragile they can be when faced with something as devastating as the pandemic. Last year, when lockdowns kept most Americans hunkered in their homes, an enormous home improvement wave swept through the country. Demand for home offices on the inside, and new recreational improvements on the outside, skyrocketed. Gazebos, firepits, and swimming pools were just some of the items that…


Race to the bottom

Before the weekend of June 5–6, 2021, I enjoyed a fully vaccinated (literal) water cooler chat with Nate and Scott, two of the advisors at Berkshire Money Management. The shop-talk topics were various: the economy, investment selection, politics. Our conversation veered to the recent chatter about global tax reform. Specifically, the Friday, June 4 meeting in London where U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen planned to propose a minimum corporate tax on multinational companies to the Group of Seven nations, or G-7, (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.) I scoffed at it, noting that there’s no way…


Inflation is running “hot”

May’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) jumped the most since 2009. That follows a similar gain over the past three months that has brought the total increase to 6.9% on an annualized pace. That is the largest gain in 13 years. Excluding the notoriously volatile food and energy components, however, the “core” CPI rose by 0.7%, which was still larger than the forecast of 0.5%. Readers might scratch their head when looking at those numbers, since excluding food and energy makes little sense to us, who are faced with weekly rises in both commodities. The difference is that the price of…


Current News: June 18, 2021 Fed feels inflation heat

This week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting was a game changer. Fears that inflation may be rising faster than expected forced the Fed to adjust their timing on when to begin withdrawing monetary stimulus. The markets didn’t like that. It was a downside surprise that sent the U.S. dollar soaring, commodities plunging, and some equities sinking. What investors feared most at first was another “Temper Tantrum.” In 2013, and again in 2018, the Fed’s decision to withdraw monetary easing sent interest rates soaring and stocks plunging. However, it looks like this time around, the markets are taking the change in...

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