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At Berkshire Money Management, our experienced advisors actively monitor your investment portfolio. We aim to protect your assets and effectively manage your portfolio so that you can realize your financial goals. We also provide financial and retirement planning (including rollovers), financial solutions for college, estate planning, business valuation and other important financial services. Come visit our historic offices in the Berkshires and chat with one of our advisors–and say “Hi” to our pups!

The Extra Mile

Scott C. Little, Vice President, Berkshire Money Management

Scott C. Little, Vice President

Last Thanksgiving, a client emailed me, asking to transfer funds to another account of hers—electronically. But we can’t do that by email. So, I let her know I’d need to call her.

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor, Berkshire Money Management

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor

A client told me he had recently changed jobs and asked if I would roll over his 401(k)—into an existing Roth account. I asked if he knew whether his original 401(k) had been a traditional, or a Roth. Was he sure?

Bill Schmick, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Berkshire Money Management

Bill Schmick, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

A family client of mine, led by an 82-year old widow and grandmother, gave me an opportunity to really reach out beyond just business. Over time, I grew to know the family and this lady rather well, and had come to appreciate our conversations.


Insights & Advice

Why does my competition always seem to be one step ahead of me?

Does this sound familiar? Business is good, but it could be better. It’s not so much the economy or consumer demand that are holding you back. Your competition is eating your lunch and you need an advantage. Advantages can happen in technology use, marketing prowess, strategic planning, financial strength and product differentiation. These are all important, but the most untapped competitive advantage is organizational health, aka teamwork. Unlike good teamwork, all of the others are easy to access. You can hire a co-CEO to design strategic planning. The technologies of those disrupting your industry are mostly available to you. For…


Europe throws in the towel

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced a major new stimulus package on Thursday. A key interest rate was reduced, and a new bond-buying program was announced, amounting to $22 billion per month. In the past, those efforts would have been enough to boost the European Economy, but will it be enough this time around? It is not as if we haven’t seen this before. Through the years, ever since the Financial Crisis of 2009, the ECB, as well as other central banks around the world, have stimulated their economies to avoid recession, or something worse. The problem is that monetary…


From Maestro’s lips

Dalton — Last week I declared that “global manufacturing is already in a recession,” and that “even though the U.S. consumer is healthy and active, the trade war has brought U.S. manufacturing to the brink of recession.” I think we just passed the brink. According to the most recent reading of the Institute of Supply Management’s Purchasing Managers Index, manufacturing in the U.S. has dropped for two consecutive quarters, overtime hours have been falling, and the survey of industrial production fell from 51.2 in July to 49.1 in August (50 being the line between growth and contraction). Although being below 50 means…


Current News: September 13, 2019 Investors discover value stocks

Value stocks, those equities that have fallen out of favor, have made a comeback this week. These underpriced orphans have become the new darlings of Wall Street, while high-flyers (think software and some tech) have sold off. What does this say about the markets? The short answer is that we have more room to run. It means, in my opinion, that we will reach and break historical highs in the U.S. averages and that we should have fairly smooth sailing into October. If, at that point, there are breakthroughs in the trade issue and the Federal Reserve Bank cuts interest...

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