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The Extra Mile

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor

A client told me he had recently changed jobs and asked if I would roll over his 401(k)—into an existing Roth account. I asked if he knew whether his original 401(k) had been a traditional, or a Roth. Was he sure?


Peter Coughlin, Executive Director

Two of our clients, a husband and wife on the West Coast, are successful entrepreneurs raising three beautiful children. Their oldest child is a freshman in high school and an elite athlete, traveling the United States and Canada playing hockey.

Scott C. Little, Vice President, Berkshire Money Management

Scott C. Little, Vice President

Last Thanksgiving, a client emailed me, asking to transfer funds to another account of hers—electronically. But we can’t do that by email. So, I let her know I’d need to call her.


Insights & Advice

Call him Allen of the Berkshires

DALTON — What’s the obligation of any business to serve the community it calls home? By the very laws of business, none. That’s not the purpose of business. The purpose — plain and simple — is to make money, to grow, to make more money, etc. Unless, of course, your business is Berkshire Money Management, and you’re CEO Allen Harris. This might come off as a gush fest. To me, it’s Allen Harris’ love letter to the Berkshires, which he spells out in actions. I, as the writer, also want to be clear: While Allen’s firm is paying for me to…


Stocks fall as Congress fails to act

It should come as no surprise that our politicians failed to compromise on a new bail-out package this week. It is symptomatic of a country that suffers from a great philosophical divide. The only entity that investors can truly believe in is the Fed.  Keep the faith. Chairman Jerome Powell, in his Thursday press conference after the two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting, said the path forward is “extraordinarily uncertain.” As such, our central bank will remain accommodative, he promised, which means the financial markets will continue to be supported going forward. Readers should remember that.  Over the long term,…


How much are your children worth?

In the weeks ahead, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) wants your children to go back to school. They say it is necessary because children need schooling from a social, emotional, and behavioral health perspective. No one disputes that, so why are American parents balking at the idea? The short answer is that they are afraid for their kids. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that kids in a classroom are “super spreaders” of virus. Just think of what happens during the Flu season each fall and winter Despite assurances from the CDC that death rates among school-age…


Current News: August 3, 2020 Be stingy with your equity

It can be tempting to offer shares of your company to finance its growth. However, with a pinch of creativity, using equity as a form of currency dilutes your position and may not be necessary. Rather than thinking of your shares as a currency to distribute lavishly, consider your stock the essential ingredient to growing your business value. Business owners benefit from issuing equity in lieu of paying higher salaries. Additionally, making employees owners aligns their incentives with the company, and can also be used to retain key employees. Trudie, the owner of a clothing retailer in southern Berkshire County,...

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