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The Extra Mile

Zack Marcotte, Financial Advisor

A client told me he had recently changed jobs and asked if I would roll over his 401(k)—into an existing Roth account. I asked if he knew whether his original 401(k) had been a traditional, or a Roth. Was he sure?


Peter Coughlin, Executive Director

Two of our clients, a husband and wife on the West Coast, are successful entrepreneurs raising three beautiful children. Their oldest child is a freshman in high school and an elite athlete, traveling the United States and Canada playing hockey.


Scott C. Little, Vice President

Last Thanksgiving, a client emailed me, asking to transfer funds to another account of hers—electronically. But we can’t do that by email. So, I let her know I’d need to call her.


Insights & Advice

Public-sector jobs can’t compete in a tight labor market

State and local government employees are essential in delivering everyday services to the American public, but the government’s labor force is understaffed and has yet to recover from its pandemic lows. The reasons range from lower pay and less advancement, to little flexibility in areas such as remote working. Private-sector jobs have already surpassed pre-pandemic levels, while in the public sector, government employers are still looking for more than 664,000 workers with little success. This may sound like one of those “so what” kinds of issues but consider this. Public employees operate the nation’s trains, subways, and buses in addition…


Why you need an estate plan

An estate plan is essential for protecting the people and things you care about when you pass away, regardless of your age or wealth. However, only 1 in 3 American adults have one. I recommend that everybody create an estate plan and make adjustments anytime their family circumstances change. Your family will be glad you did! How does an estate plan protect your family and legacy? Read on for six key benefits of having an estate plan. An estate plan can determine what will happen to your children, pets, and dependents when you’re gone. If you’re a parent, you need…


Streaming comes of age

There are roughly 817,000 unique and different programs available via streaming services in the U.S. The median streaming household pays for three to four such subscriptions, costing between $20 and $30 per month. Most consumers claim the choices are overwhelming and cumulatively expensive, so why don’t they plan to do anything about it? Those were the findings of a Nielson report titled “State of Play” published in April 2022 which analyzed the state of streaming entertainment in America. The number of programs (movies, series, specials, etc.) has increased by 26.5% since the beginning of 2020. The amount of content that…


Current News: July 18, 2022 John Bielski: supervisor of capital trading, cat whisperer, and life of the party

This is the first post in a new series spotlighting the individual team members who make BMM great – and a great place to work, too. Today we’re celebrating John Bielski, Supervisor of Capital Trading, on his fourth anniversary with the firm. Happy anniversary, Johnny! “It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years already.” Johnny joined the Berkshire Money Management team in 2018, but his BMM story begins a long, long time ago, in a wealth management firm not too far away. Back when Johnny was a student at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA), he was hired...

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