Business Owners: Make your business work for you

Manage your most valuable asset today to prepare for retirement tomorrow.

Financial planning for small business owners is different. From saving for retirement to creating an estate plan that protects your company and your family’s future, what works for you likely won’t be the same as what works for most. As a small business, we get it. Our team of financial planners is here to help create a unique plan for your independent life.

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Building wealth as a small business owner

It’s not uncommon for a small business owner to have  80%, or even 90%, of your net worth tied up in your company. It doesn’t make sense to ignore your biggest asset to focus on savings and investments alone. This is why you need a financial planner or a financial advisor to help manage that wealth. 

With that in mind, BMM Founder and CEO Allen Harris created 10,001 Hours to help owners discover the value of their established small businesses, increase their value to potential buyers, and pave the way for successful sales.

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10,001 Hours is not a registered investment advisor and does not provide advisory services.