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We cannot be silent: A special statement from Berkshire Money Management

Dalton, Mass. – The events of the last few weeks have brought directly to the forefront the longstanding inequality and injustice that plagues our communities, our cities, our schools, and yes, even our homes. We cannot be silent. We cannot say that “this has nothing to do with me” while blatant inequality and brutality continue to permeate every pore of this country.

The brutal murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd (and who knows how many others that have not been made public) are sadly just the most recent in a countless line of Black Americans who have literally lost their lives because of a culture of systemic racism and the people who continually support the structures that uphold it.

Throughout the rest of the month, we at Berkshire Money Management are putting on hold all of our scheduled advertising and running only blackout space as a demonstration of solidarity with our Black community members – friends, entrepreneurs, teachers, leaders, loved ones. We strongly encourage others, especially business owners, to also show their support.

We recognize that we do not have all the answers. And that one small act is just that. One small act. But we will move forward, and others will move forward, and relentlessly push against this tide of violence and injustice.

–The BMM Family

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