Why your Berkshire Medical Center 403(b) is different | Retirement for healthcare professionals

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By Lauren Beckett • January 23, 2023

Retirement planning for nurses and other healthcare professionals

Nurses and other healthcare professionals in the Berkshires and across the United States find themselves in a unique retirement situation: the 403(b) offered by their employer can be stewarded by the financial management firm of their choosing while they are still working and paying into it. We love helping nursing professionals to build the retirement they deserve. And we like to support them throughout their careers, too, by having their backs during tough times.

As financial advisor Lauren Russo, CEPA, FPQP™, CVB, says, “why worry about something that we can help you with?” If you are a healthcare professional at Berkshire Medical Center or elsewhere, your 403(b) retirement plan may include the option to take control of your account’s management by hiring an outside advisor like us. There’s a possibility your account could be earning you more money than it is. The only way to find out is to check with a trusted financial advisor.

Learn more about our retirement planning work with nurses and healthcare professionals.

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[00:00:00] We see so many nurses that, as everyone listening knows they have plenty on their minds and on their plates. Especially these last couple of years. So, why worry about something that you can, you know, have us help you with?

[00:00:13] During their strike that, you know, a lot of people local are familiar with, [we] supported the nurses as well during that time. We were happy to help out, you know, we provided tents, heaters, food, and just support was the main thing.

[00:00:26] With the nurses [at Berkshire Medical Center], we have a little bit of a unique situation. So we are able to actually manage their accounts and their investments on their behalf. Their particular retirement plan allows that.

[00:00:37] We can actually step in and manage that account based on your goals and your risk tolerance and, you know, what you’re comfortable with.

[00:00:48] Yes, you know, you should be educated, but you are not alone by any means. We are here to help with that education and, can also help you to do it on your behalf as well.

Lauren Russo, CVB, CEPA, is a financial advisor at Berkshire Money Management. 

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