Cheshire, MA Asset Management

Trusting someone to manage your assets is not a decision to be taken lightly – after all, this is your hard-earned money. At Berkshire Money Management, our financial advisors work to protect your assets and help you manage your portfolio so you can maximize your chances of achieving your financial goals. What sets us apart from the large firms is our dedication to each of our individual clients. You’re not just a number to us – we take the time to build relationships with every one of our clients and their families. Experience the Berkshire Money Management difference – call us today to inquire about our array of asset management services.

Contact your local Cheshire investment management firm today to experience the difference that personalized customer service makes. At Berkshire Money Management, we take pride in our services and the personal touch we offer. Give us a call today at (413) 997-2006 or contact us online!

Financial Planning Services in Cheshire

Planning your financial future is a big undertaking, so don’t go it alone. Whether your big plans include travel, starting your own business, or just a comfortable retirement, Berkshire Money Management will assist you every step of the way. Our services aren’t “set it and forget it”; we’ll work to identify any potential roadblocks you may encounter and even make sure you’re asking the right questions. Our team of financial advisors gets to know you as an individual so that we can take a customized approach to your financial planning. Our goal is to help you make your money go further so you can realize your financial goals.

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Cheshire Portfolio Management

Your life is busy enough as it is, so trust your local Cheshire financial advisors at Berkshire Money Management to manage your portfolio. Since we take the time to personally get to know our clients, you can trust that we’re working to protect your assets and that we’re on the lookout for any potential issues that could arise. We are constantly monitoring the latest financial news and trends, so that you’re consistently getting the service you deserve from your financial advisor.

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Retirement Planning for Cheshire Residents

Retirement – it’s a concept most people have been dreaming about for decades. Unfortunately, securing a comfortable financial future post-work goes beyond just opening an IRA. Since we get to know each of our clients personally, we have the ability to make personalized suggestions for your unique goals instead of just offering blanket advice. Our financial advisors stay current on any changing laws, rules, and policies to help you continuously make the best decisions..

Take the reins of your retirement planning by talking with a trusted Cheshire financial advisor at Berkshire Money Management. Call (413) 997-2006 or complete our online contact form for a judgment- and commitment-free meeting!

Cheshire Estate Planning Services

Discussing estate planning is never comfortable, but it is incredibly important to do. While preparing for your passing may seem a bit morbid, it can really benefit your loved ones. If your estate plan is left incomplete, your loved ones can face costly tax liabilities and other unforeseen expenses. Estate planning goes beyond just preparing a will, too. It can include instructions on several other things like:

  • Care in the event of pre-death disablement
  • Care for special needs family members
  • The handling of financially unstable heirs for safe money management
  • And more

Don’t put off estate planning simply because it’s uncomfortable. Talk with a member of our financial team today to get started – call us at (413) 997-2006 or contact us online.

Why Work with Berkshire Money Management for Your Asset Management Needs?

Berkshire Money Management advisors take the time to get to know their clients. You’re not just a number in a pile – you’re our client and we take that responsibility seriously. We’re constantly monitoring trends, laws, and changes that could affect you and your assets, so that you can remain on the best path to achieving your financial goals.

Get in touch with the financial team at Berkshire Money Management for all of your asset management needs. We’re your local Cheshire advisors and we look forward to getting to know you and your financial goals. Call us today at (413) 997-2006 or contact us online to get started.