Case Study

Rose & Will – Setting up for the years to come after retirement

financial advisor case study graphic - Well-timed Retirement
Rose and Will are a just-retired couple in their 60s living in the Berkshires. They were working with an independent financial advisor but didn’t feel he was paying much attention to them. The couple wanted to be set up for the years to come after retirement and enjoy their desired lifestyle.


Rose and Will had had successful careers and a big retirement fund, albeit a little disorganized. They wanted to turn it into something that could efficiently generate an income that they could live well on.


Rose and Will held several investments in different funds, IRAs, and stocks, among others. They kept the details of their investments written down and recorded, but they felt there was something more they could do.

They wanted to know exactly what they had, organize it, and leverage it well.


Rose and Will began their relationship with BMM gradually, at first moving only a few accounts over for them to manage. After they got to know their advisor and saw the courteous and attentive service they received from him and the rest of the team, they moved their entire portfolio over to them. 

Although they’ve worked with several people within the firm, the treatment is always close and personalized.


Rose and Will’s investments are now organized and consolidated. They redid their estate plan, and BMM connected them to a social security advisor when they needed one.

The firm went above and beyond, guiding the couple through the entire process, optimizing their retirement funds, and handling technical aspects that would have been challenging for them to manage independently.