5 Factors to Consider 5 Years Before Retirement

The final five years before retirement are a time for strategic planning and calculated moves. As always, retirement planning is a balance of two things: not running out of money and having the freedom to enjoy your life. Use these last five working years to make sure you’re on the path to a happy retirement….

By Nate Tomkiewicz
March 13, 2024

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Financial Advisor Lauren Russo - Why worry about something that you can have us help you with?
Why your Berkshire Medical Center 403(b) is different | Retirement for healthcare professionals

Retirement planning for nurses and other healthcare professionals Nurses and other healthcare professionals in the Berkshires and across the United States find themselves in a unique retirement situation: the 403(b) offered by their employer can be stewarded by the financial management firm of their choosing while they are still working and paying into it. We…

Portrait of Lauren Russo

By Lauren Russo
January 23, 2023

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Bride and groom exchange rings during a wedding ceremony
Money in Motion | Top 5 Scenarios You’ll Encounter & How to Stay Ahead

In marriage and divorce, through life and death, your money is in motion. Making the right financial decisions can feel downright impossible when relationships and emotions come into play, but protecting your family and future is especially critical during these times. Here are five moments when your family may set your money in motion and…

By Allen Harris
June 23, 2022

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Here’s what retirement looks like

I went Halloween shopping last week, but I didn’t see anything scarier than the chart below (and I bought zombie babies, people). The horizontal numbers on the right measure the drawdown of the S&P 500 year-to-date 2021, as graphically depicted by the yellow line. The horizontal numbers on the left show that nearly 90% of…

By Allen Harris
October 4, 2021

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