Student Load repayment begins
Preparing for the end of the federal student loan payment pause: 3 essential steps for borrowers

Is your budget about to take a hit? After 3 years of deferment, federal student loan payments will soon resume for close to 43 million borrowers.  If you haven’t been making payments during the deferral period, you may feel the squeeze when your student loan bills come due this fall. Here are three steps every…

By Jared Reinstein
July 3, 2023

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Student loan forgiveness
Student Debt Relief Plan: What you need to know

President Biden and the U.S. Department of Education announced a plan on Wednesday, August 24, to provide further assistance to federal student loan borrowers. If you have private loans only, unfortunately this won’t apply to you. But this is an exciting announcement for millions of borrowers with federal student loans. Long story short, if you…

By Lauren Russo
August 26, 2022

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