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Q & A with Bill : Riddle me this…

Riddle me this…

Are there questions about finance, economics, or the markets that you are just dying to ask? This is the forum for you. Each week I will take those questions that I believe will have the most interest to our readers and expound upon them. 
Everything you write will be completely confidential. I never use last names nor will your information be used in any other way.
Some readers may ask for specific recommendations or portfolio allocations. Since I am a money manager, by securities law I am prevented  from making specific recommendations in a public forum  but I can make specific recommendations to individuals so be sure to include your e-mail and, if possible, your telephone number.  And remember, there are no stupid questions only stupid answers so no matter what your level of financial expertise this forum is for you.

Just type in your questions below in the comment section and I promise to do my best to answer all of them and feature at least one a week for our readers. Who knows maybe this week it will be your question.

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