When life change looms on the horizon, it can trigger some uncomfortable questions:

  • How do I know when I’ve reached the point where I can retire comfortably?
  • Will my family and I be okay if I continue to spend money at the rate I do now?
  • What happens when the market crashes? What safeguards can I have in place?
  • What happens if I want to leave my job? Sell my business?
  • How can I move my money so I won’t get hit with a ton of taxes?
Sound familiar? You’re in the right place, because…

…Well, we’ll let our clients speak for us*

You are incredibly thorough and walk me through this financial stuff in a way I can understand. And you have helped us through some difficult times in our lives. I know you’ll always have our backs.


You are by far the most proactive, hands-on financial advisors I have ever had.


Thank you for exposing the scam that would have had me sending a very big check to a very phony lawyer.

B. C.

We’d like to say thank you to your entire team for working with us over the last…many years. We wouldn’t be in the financial situation we’re in without all your hard work and guidance.

A & C

*These are testimonials of Berkshire Money Management (BMM) by clients of the firm. BMM has not provided any direct or indirect compensation for these testimonials.

We offer complete support BEYOND investing…
And help you take advantage of opportunities you may not even know you have.
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We’re friendly and easy to talk to.

Who we are

Over our 20 years of helping clients manage their money, these are the beliefs we’ve lived by:

Our team packed boxes, loaded cars, and welcomed guests during the Thanksgiving Angels distribution day.

  • Your advisor is here to help you understand your money, not confuse you
  • In ongoing learning and evolving to better serve our clients
  • In giving back to our community
  • Clients should feel at home with us, whether or not they are nearby
  • Leaving room for fun is essential
  • Dogs (and cats) are the best coworkers

Meet the team

Executive Team

    • CEPA
    • CVB
    • CVGA

    Allen Harris

    CEO & Chief Investment Officer

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  • Stacey Carver

    Co-owner and Chief Engagement Officer

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  • Natalie Wheeler

    Chief Operating Officer

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Financial Advisors & Planners

    • BFA™
    • CEPS®

    Scott C. Little

    Vice President

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    • CSA®

    Peter Coughlin

    Certified Senior Advisor and Executive Director

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    • CFP®
    • CRPC®

    Nate Tomkiewicz


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    • CES™

    Holly Simeone

    Financial Advisor

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    • AIF®
    • AWMA®
    • CFP®
    • CRPC®
    • MPAS®
    • RMA®

    Zack Marcotte

    Director of Financial Planning

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    • CEPA
    • CFP®
    • CVB
    • FPQP™

    Lauren Beckett (Russo)

    Certified Financial Planner™

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Client Care Team

  • Brenda Bailly

    Client Care Specialist

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  • Tammy Gaherty

    Client Care Specialist

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  • Chelsea Smith

    Client Specialist Leader

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  • John Bielski

    Supervisor of Capital Trading

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  • Kimberly Campagna

    Marketing and Communications Manager

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  • Carla Cowdrey

    Office Support Specialist

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  • Belle

    Chief Mousing Officer

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  • Dexter Marcotte

    Director of the Squirrel Security Unit

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  • Renfri Campagna

    Assistant to the Marketing Manager

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