Don’t Run Out of Money in Retirement

Will you have ENOUGH to see you through retirement?

In Don’t Run Out of Money in Retirement, veteran money manager Allen Harris helps answer this question — along with many other questions you might have. From long-term care, to Social Security and Medicare planning, through how to prepare for taxes and inflation while leaving a sustainable legacy.


Available as a complimentary digital download with scheduled consultation.


I’ve built a career on helping people make better financial decisions.

Allen Harris

Allen Harris has helped hundreds of clients build steadily toward retirement success. Navigating both calm and stormy waters for more than two decades, he continues confronting the bears and running with the bulls as a veteran of the dot-com bubble, the Great Recession, and the longest market expansion on record. Allen’s career also includes the founding of a highly successful financial newsletter and work at Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley). He is the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of a boutique advisory firm.

A real-life success story.

Allen Harris is the founder, owner and Chief Investment Officer of Berkshire Money Management, based in Western Massachusetts — a firm launched with the mission of helping individuals and their families build portfolios while protecting their assets in even the most serious of downturns. In addition, he manages a dedicated consultancy for business owners. Beyond this professional work, Allen is passionate about the well-being of animals and community engagement, providing ongoing, dedicated support to economic revitalization efforts, local arts programs and food security initiatives. Learn more about his business ventures at the dedicated sites below.

Berkshire Money Management is a boutique, fiduciary, financial management firm. Which means our knowledge and expertise are committed to helping our clients make confident decisions to earn more on investments than they might otherwise make on their own.

Your hours are rightfully invested in perfecting your own business – ours are firmly focused on strategizing the greatest return on your hard work. We are your secret weapon when it comes to raising the value of your business and your future.



“We all want the same thing,
enough to thrive in retirement”

will you have enough?

Can you afford that dream vacation? What if you need long-term care? Will you leave a legacy to your kids and grandkids? Or to charity? Can you help pay for their college? How do you best deal with taxes and inflation? How do you manage Social Security and Medicare? And what if the economy crashes again — how can you prepare?

Don’t Run Out of Money in Retirement will give you a jump-start on planning for a long and prosperous retirement.

Available as a complimentary digital download with scheduled consultation.

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