The Extra Mile

Nate Tomkiewicz, Financial Advisor

An older client recently purchased a new computer and with it came a new printer. The problem was that she couldn’t get it to work. She gave us a call and told us of her troubles. Her main challenge was connecting her computer to her printer.

Word that she was having technical difficulties reached my desk, so I gave her a call and offered to help. We scheduled a time to meet at her home to assess the problem.

As it turns out, she had purchased a wireless printer that required a great deal more than simply plugging wires into the right places. At first, I was a little intimidated by the process. It was the first time I had ever installed a printer, but I pride myself on my ability to problem-solve, so I rolled up my sleeves.

After about thirty minutes, the computer and printer were successfully connected. Installing printers isn’t in my job description but helping people and taking a real interest in their lives is!