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Fuel for the fire

Dalton — The stock market has been on fire for the first half of the year. Can we keep that fire stoked? I am constructive on the market’s prospects for the rest of the year. Of course, for me, the worrywart that I am, that doesn’t mean I necessarily expect double-digit gains in the major stock indices before we hit 2020. We may; we very well may. But for me, I’m all about risk management. It’s about keeping that fire burning, but at the same time not letting it get out of control.

It’s the big mistakes I like to avoid. For the rest of the year, the market might give us some gains. But more important to me, because I’m patient with gains and impatient with losses, I suspect any correction in the stock market will be temporary, and brief. And, yes, I did allude to corrections occurring—that’s just life in the markets. What’s important to an impatient fellow like myself is that I don’t expect anything that will upset the financial planning of long-term investors.