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Click here for $125

Dalton — Did that title get you to click? If so, I’ll have to keep it in mind in case I want to someday up my clickbait game. But this, my friend, ain’t clickbait. This is your favorite uncle, Allen, helping you put cold, hard cash in your pocket. Who’s good to you?

Over 140 million people, more than half of Americans, had their personal data compromised by the Equifax breach back in 2017. On July 22, Equifax agreed to settle state and federal investigations of the data breach by setting aside $700 million to pay for damages. I filed mine to get my piece of the $700 million and it only took about 80 seconds. You can file by entering your last name and the last six digits of your Social Security number here. It will also allow you to print and mail a form, if you prefer. If you’re not sure you trust Equifax anymore, here is the “file a claim” link through the Federal Trade Commission’s website.